Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Apparel Uniform Options

As a contractor, it's important to think about the weather/temperature of the day and the work to be done.  Our friends over at HammerTime Remodeling partnered with us to complete their uniform program. 

We started with 100% cotton t-shirts to wear for inside jobs during this cold season.  Next we added hooded fleece to layer for projects in low-to-no heat environments and dashing in and out of buildings.  We completed the options with 100% polyester tees.  These tees will be most appreciated during the hot days of summer.  Their moisture wicking properties will help his team stay cooler and drier.

As an added touch a few of the shirts were personalized with the owner's name.  Make it easy for others to know what you do and remember who you are.

Reppin Those Reps

If you're a personal trainer or an owner of a fitness center this time of year can be the most lucrative as thousands if not millions of people resolve to work out, eat healthier and drink more water.  While your current clients may know all about your services, the newbies need a little nudging.

Branded apparel is a great marketing tool to promote your gym/services as well as a fun incentive to motivate your clients to reach their goals or sign up for more sessions.

Consider running a special where each new membership or annual renewal includes a free headband or towel.  Signing up a referral (friend, family member, coworker) could earn them a filtered water bottle.  As a personal trainer, any client that signs up for 10 or more sessions receives a free performance tee.  Better still, lose __% body fat and receive a compression shirt or workout mat.  And don't forget you can always have retail items that your clients can purchase on and offline. 

Whatever you choose make sure all of these items have at least one thing in  common.  Your logo of course!  Promotional items, when used strategically, are a great way to reach a larger audience.  When thinking about a promotional program, be sure to understand what you hope to accomplish, budget constraints and above all your market. Your selections should reinforce your services and products and appeal to your target market. Also consider co-op marketing and bartering as a strategy. A gift certificate to a local greasy spoon may not be the ideal partner but speaking at the local health food store could garner more awareness new clients.

Building a promotional program within your marketing plan can be exciting, overwhelming at times and rewarding.  Be creative, be realistic and (in every medium and message) be consistent.

Thanks to our friends at CORE Fitness for the use of their logo.

Don't go another day as an #unnoticedBiz. 
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